LGBT+ youths have significantly poorer mental health and higher suicide rates than other Australians.

According to BeyondBlue, "At least 36.2% of trans and 24.4% of gay, lesbian and bisexual Australians met the criteria for experiencing a major depressive episode in 2005, compared with 6.8% of the general population". Furthermore, Same-sex attracted Australians have up to 14x higher rates of suicide attempts than their heterosexual peers and  Up to 50% of trans people have actually attempted suicide at least once in their lives.

]t is these heartbreaking statistics that has motivated our pledge to donate 10% of profits to Minus18, to help continue their legacy of events and support for LGBT+ youth. 

"Minus18 events and workshops provide a unique space where LGBTI young people can be themselves and make new friends safely.

It takes away that feeling of loneliness and provides a sense of community and inclusion; something they may otherwise not receive.

Minus18 events like the Queer Formal, which run in Adelaide and Melbourne, attract up to 600 LGBTI young people. It’s amazing. Being surrounded by others ‘just like you’ can be life changing, and it’s something we want the whole of Australia to experience. Every LGBTI young person should have a place to belong, and we won’t stop until they do." - Minus18 

For more information about Minus18, visit www.minus18.org.au